Cheers to Road Trips and Best Friends

Soo, ever since I found out that I was admitted to SGU and Ross, I’ve been slacking on my classes and partying as much as I can (which is pretty bad, cause now I have a lot to study and catch up).

But anyways, I spent the past weekend in Orlando celebrating my friend’s 22nd birthday and holy moly, it was so much fun! We surprised her with a party and keg and she was actually genuinely surprised and I’m pretty sure she had a blast (I know I did). But I’m pretty sure I also consumed about 10,000 calories in straight beer the whole weekend. And yes, it’s Thursday and I’m still in recovery mode from the weekend.

But it was honestly so amazing to get to hang out with my best friends because it’s been so long since we’ve all been together. My friend from Tampa, two other from South Florida, and myself from Gainesville all drove out to Orlando and celebrated with 3 of our best friends and a bunch more people. It was a perfect reunion and one that I really needed before I head out to Grenada in January.

But before I went to Orlando, I was in Tampa for the night on Thursday at Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens which was also so much fun! I am the ultimate pansy so I am pretty proud of myself for making it through all the Haunted Houses. And I looove roller coasters so Montu, SheiKra, and the Cheetah Chase were ah-mazing! And it was only $30 with the Thursday group discount. I can’t even get over it, last week was just too perfect.

This weekend is going to be a break, recovery, catch up weekend. But on Wednesday, it’s gonna start all over again when my friend from Orlando comes in to town.  We’ll be working our way through Gainesville til Friday, when we’ll drive up to Tallahassee to visit another friend up there.

Life is pretty good right now, but I should probably make sure I pass my classes so SGU doesn’t kick me out before I even get there. So cheers to my fabulous road trips with my amazing friends before I have to leave them all and med school starts kicking my ass!


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