Gator Forever

This morning I started going through all my past Facebook posts. I made it pretty far- all the way to my senior year in high school. I read all my posts about how college apps suck (which I was recently reminded of when I applied to medical school), my first post when I found out I got in to UF, my posts to my roommate as we were getting used to sharing a room. It really does feel like all of that just took place yesterday.

I remember sitting at home in the den, checking the UF site to see if I was admitted but the site kept crashing and I remember when it finally worked and I found out I got in, I was so happy jumping up down all over the room calling my parents and friends. And then graduation came and I was saying goodbye to all of my friends from high school, and my teachers, and goodbye to that part of my life. And then it was preview, and I was coming to UF for the night to see the campus and pick my classes and I remember wondering how I’d ever get used to being in a campus so big and how I was so scared. And then it was move in day, and my parents came and dropped me off at my dorm and I met my 2 random suite mates and walked into my new room that I was going to share with my high school friend, Amna. I remember the first night there, going to sleep and saying good night to Amna– the first time I ever had to share a room with anyone. I remember how we made that place a home for a year. I had my first real boyfriend when I was there and experienced my first real break up. I remember getting ready to go out at nights, having to pre game so hard cause we were too young to actually drink in the clubs, going out of town most weekends, and how all of sudden, talking about hooking up and sex were a casual part of everyday conversation (note: talking not doing lol).

And I got a C in a class for the first time and I was so scared to tell my parents. I remember being home that winter break just praying for the time to just fast forward so that it could be a month or two later after I told my parents and they could be over it and we could move on. And we did, and then it was my sophomore year and I joined the dance team and I failed a class for the first time. I remember that winter break having that same pit in my stomach because I would have to tell my parents. I remember this one better because I told my brother and he made the song “somebody’s going to ‘nowa'” (to this day that tune still gives me anxiety) But I told them and time passed on. And then sophomore year was over and junior year came. Man, this post is starting to make me feel like such a slacker. I also did some pretty cool things during those times, I made the two dance teams I tried out for my sophomore year and chose to do Bhangra, I joined this volunteer program called Streetlight that has changed my life and my entire view of the world, I joined a research team where we tried to help people understand the lives of teenagers with cystic fibrosis to make it better for them. I made friends and lost friends, I did a lot of crazy things, and traveled all across the state. It wasn’t everything I thought it would be, but it was still something great. I’m saying goodbye to my undergraduate college years and I can’t believe this time has come so quickly.

I’m going to move back home in December only to pack everything up and move to the island of Grenada in January. I can’t believe this is really happening. I can’t believe I’m saying good bye to Gainesville and UF. I can’t believe I’m saying goodbye to my roommates who I’ve lived with since my freshman year. I think a part of me is mourning this time in my life that is over, but I know there’s another part that is so excited for the adventures that have yet to come.

Goodbye Gainesville. I’m leaving here in a couple of weeks and I will never forget my memories and my experiences here. Go Gators!




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