I Was Here

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, but today, I am here.

For my family, for my friends… Because you were here, I am a better person. For my mom; because of you I will be a better mother one day. I understand compassion and love because of you. For my dad, I will be a better leader because of you. I understand the power of action and being fearless.
Because of my brother, I am stronger. You inspire me to not be weak, to be sure of who I am, to be loyal to my friends, and to always follow my dreams and not let anyone else define me or tell me what I should do. #bestbigbroever

Because of my friends, I understand the value of relationships. I may have never been in love, but I know what love is because of them. My love for my friends is overwhelming and because of them, I know what it is to have fun and just be. When I’m with my friends, I never struggle with who I am or what I should be doing, I am at peace just being me because I know they love me through it all.

I don’t really know my impact in the world as I struggle to find my place and purpose in it. I hope I can say that I made the world a better place because I was here, but until then, I know that because of my friends and because of my family, I am a better person. Because they were here, I am a better person.

So maybe, I should retitle this “They Were Here” because this post is dedicated to them. But that sounds lame. In fact, this whole post is pretty cheesy, but eh, I guess that’s just what Queen Bey does to you. (Surfboardt)

Shoutout to the people who make my world a better place. <3


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