Another Mile Marker on My Journey :)


Well, I made it!!

I made it to 22! I never understood or really appreciated the beauty of birthdays before, but this year it’s different. This year, so many young people I know have died of such seemingly random and confusing causes. I can’t and probably won’t ever understand it, but I do, now, understand the significance of life. I see the pain and loss after someone passes. I see the sorrow flooding and consuming parents, siblings, and friends when their loved one is taken far too soon.

I see how every birthday, every day, every moment needs to be celebrated, to be savored, to be fully appreciated. Today I celebrate not only my life, but I celebrate all the people who fill my life. I celebrate my family. I celebrate the love and support they’ve poured over me my whole life. I celebrate my friends. I celebrate their love and kindness and their craziness. I celebrate their ability to push me out of my comfort zones to do things I wouldn’t usually do.

People put birthdays on the back burner or appreciate it only for the attention. The attention is nice, the “happy birthdays” are nice, but the fact that you’re alive and loved transcends any birthday wish. It is the greatest blessing one could ever receive.

Happy birthday to me :) And shoutout to my mom for evicting me from her belly 22 years ago and introducing me to this beautiful world.

Peace. Love. Life

A note I wrote to myself a little while ago that I was only allowed to reread today :) It was also the inspiration for this post.



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