Home sweet home


Looking out, I see trees, water, and sunlight. I can catch a rare glimpse of silence when no cars pass beyond the lake and I can hear the bugs buzzing by around me. My dog runs in circles chasing butterflies by my side as I sit and soak up the sunlight beating down on my back from the view of my backyard. It’s not much but it reminds me how beautiful this Earth is.

I was never a huge environmentalist and I’m still not. I drink out of plastic water bottles, take hour long showers, leave the water running while I brush my teeth, and so much more. But after just taking a moment to sit outside, I’m realizing that the person in charge of protecting this land is me. We all use a part of the Earth, and it’s our job to protect and cultivate it as well. I have all this cultural pride, but what about taking pride in our land, in our air, in our water simply as humans?

As I sit outside, I know the big question is who created all of this? Is it a product of evolution or the hand of God? I don’t know, maybe both, maybe neither? Does it even matter? What does matter is the fact that we’re here, alive today, living on the land and breathing the air that has been provided for us.

So, like I would take care of a rented house, leased car, or borrowed outfit, I’m going to do my part to take care of the Earth. If I could just put in a little more effort, I could make sure our home is beautiful for all the generations to come.


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