Work it

In the spirit of working out and getting fit while doing Insanity, I just want to say that I’m starting to see results! I haven’t been following the schedule per say as I’ve skipped a rest day and today I completed both the Fit Test and the Cardio Recovery vids together instead of doing Recovery two days ago like the schedule suggests. I just love the feeling after you work out when your dripping with sweat and your body is sore, but that good sore that you wear with pride cause you know you just killed your workout. This is all so new to me as I’ve never felt this before because I’m usually a couch potato slob marathoning tv show after tv show.

But I took some time out today and played the India.Arie song, Video after my workout. While dancing along to the song in front of my mirror, I realized I need to love myself flaws and all (Insert trademark Beyonce line here). We are constantly evolving and changing, but that doesn’t mean what we’ve got now isn’t good. I’m striving to be better, to be stronger, but I need to learn to accept that what I am now is sufficient, just as I am. Or else, nothing will ever be good enough. When I get the body I want today, I’ll find some new imperfections tomorrow, and the cycle will never end. So I have to love me for me, not for who I want to be someday, but who I am now.


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