Back to square one

It seems like it was just yesterday when I was waxing poetically of the greatness of Insanity. Alas, today, I stand before you trapped beneath the pillars of our bitter enemy, lull. Yes, I have hit a lull in my workouts where upon I no longer possess that fire deep within me that can only be quenched with the voice of Shaun T  yelling at me from afar to dig deep as I manically perform each grueling power squat and butt kick that makes up Insanity.

…okay I’m done writing like that now. But, I really and truly have hit that terrible place where I just don’t have the motivation to work out. I had a pretty big quiz yesterday, so I had to take a break for the past 4 or 5 days and didn’t work out at all. I basically sat on my butt in my room while studying all day and eating all the time. Today, I tried to do Pure Cardio… I made it through the 5 minute workout right before the stretch when I called it quits.

Now give me the secret trick that will magically make me want to work out again. Don’t tell me to just push through it because I knowwwwww, but I just want to finish reading this book I started yesterday and eat chocolate forever.

But then I’ll be forever unhappy with my body. I should just stand naked in front of the mirror until I want to work out. That can’t be healthy at all, right?

Meh. I miss you Shaun T. Make me want you again.


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