Rain, Rain…

No matter where I am in the world, there is nothing that can bring me peace like the sound of rain falling around me. It takes me back to those hot summers in India, sitting out on the front porch with my grandparents as they watched my brother and I just sit and play board games or cards.  I think back to those careless, summer days and I remember how bored my brother and I were at the time, but I would give anything to go back to those quiet, calm moments.  I miss my grandparents, I miss being young, and I miss that innocence– that wide-eyed outlook on the world as it offered the promise of endless possibility. Things are going really well now, but they’re stressful and chaotic. It seems like everyone is growing up all around me, and sometimes, I just want to go back to those boring days on the porch playing cards with my brother. But until then, I’ll sit and enjoy the rain while I can. Sigh, now it’s back to studying.


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