Hm. Well, what is there to say?

Here I am. It feels like just yesterday, I was sitting in Grenada listening to The Cinematic Orchestra writing about turning 23.

It was my Jordan Year. It was to be a year filled with greatness. It was to be the year of my rise. I stumbled so many times in 22 and made such careless choices. I was young. I was foolish. I was clueless. 23 brought a sense of clarity. I knew who I was becoming. I knew who I was. 23 brought promise. I was growing up and moving forward.

Little did I know what 23 would actually entail. Trials. Failure. Depression. My Jordan Year of greatness did not live up to expectations. High hopes but floundering execution.

Nonetheless, I got through it. I have nothing deep or inspirational this year. I don’t really claim to know anything to be honest.

I don’t really know what 24 will bring. But I’m here. Im ready, and I’ll fucking annihilate it. If I can get through 23, come at me 24.


Happy 24th birthday.


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